Option Trading Technician AJ Monte Sets New Records at StickyTrades.com: Achieving 100% Accuracy for 10 Consecutive Weeks on Weekly Targets

AJ Monte, an Option Trading Technician, has shattered records by maintaining a flawless 100% accuracy for ten consecutive weeks with his weekly targets. Every Wednesday evening, AJ covers over 50 stocks at StickyTrades.com, the premier platform for option and stock trading. To witness his trailblazing live webinars and receive daily publication alerts, subscribe to StickyTrades.com and enjoy a 15-day free trial to experience his expertise firsthand.

StickyTrades.com YouTube channel has documented this extraordinary achievement, allowing everyone to witness AJ’s remarkable work in action and live. It’s important to note that all targets were selected at least a week in advance before AJ’s calls. We believe very few Certified Market Technician (CMT) technicians and coaches can make such a claim with verifiable results. StickyTrades.com takes pride in our world-class coaches and aims to share this remarkable accomplishment with the world.

AJ’s profound knowledge in option and stock trading, coupled with his demonstrated mastery, has led to a success rate that has garnered lifelong fans over decades. Moreover, at StickyTrades.com University, investors and traders have the privilege of learning from some of the world’s foremost experts in technical analysis, providing decision-making insights directly from CMT-certified coaches.

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