Meet AJ

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Chief Technical Analyst

AJ Monte

A chartered market technician with over 40 years of experience as a market analyst.


Accomplishments Include:

  • Member of the Market Technicians Association
  • Former Chairman of Options Floor Trading Committee and 10 year member of COMEX
  • Author of 2 best selling books:

            - Take Charge of your Money Now

            - The Market Guys 5 Points for Trading success

  • Regular Guest Speaker for Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery & T. Harv Ecker’s NWA seminar series.
  • Travels the world teaching innovative techniques for accumulating wealth using solid risk management strategies.
  • Regular guest on Fox Business, PBS and ABC television and a regular contributor on Serious Money Radio.
  • Co-host for “Wealth & Wisdom” PBS television station WXEL

AJ Monte is a CMT (chartered market technician) with over 40 years as a market analyst. According to the CMT Assocation, this qualification ensures a "deep knowledge in technical analysis" and is "awarded to those who demonstrate mastery of a core body of knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management settings." Learn more about the CMT program here.