StickySummit 2024 Speakers


AJ Monte

Chief Technical Analyst & Co-Founder

AJ is a chartered market technician with over 40 years of experience as a market analyst. He is a member of the Market Technicians Association, Former Chairman of Options Floor Trading Committee and 10 year member of COMEX and the author of 2 best selling books: "Take Charge of your Money Now" and "The Market Guys 5 Points for Trading success." He is a regular guest speaker for Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery & T. Harv Ecker’s NWA seminar series, a regular guest on Fox Business, PBS and ABC television, a regular contributor on Serious Money Radio and the co-host for “Wealth & Wisdom” PBS television station WXEL. AJ travels the world teaching innovative techniques for accumulating wealth using solid risk management strategies.

Adrian Motamedi

Adrian Motamedi

3rd Party Validator / Enthusiast

Adrian Motamedi is a Microwave & High Frequency Technology graduate who has excelled in high-speed digital circuit design. He began at Siemens and later joined Juniper Networks, where he contributed to pioneering backplane designs. Adrian then made significant contributions at Aruba Networks and a chip startup, creating a 3.2-Tbps bandwidth switch chip for commercial data centers. The startup was acquired by Cavium Inc. and later Marvell Semiconductors. He subsequently joined a leading Automotive & clean energy company before embarking on his current role at a stealth AI startup. Adrian holds six patents, has been a speaker at prestigious conferences, and is an active member of IEEE. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, flying airplanes, and engaging in stock market analysis and financial engineering software design.


Greg Montwill Contributor

Greg Montwill, an experienced trader in futures, FOREX securities, commodities, and options, brings vast knowledge to With expertise in technical and fundamental analysis, Greg's success in the trading industry is evident. Educated at Adelphi University, St John's University, and NYU, his true education came from years as a floor trader on the NY Commodity Exchange. Greg worked for renowned firms like Dean Witter and Chase Manhattan Bank, and as an institutional OTC Broker in Hong Kong employing arbitrage strategies. He has also appeared on various cable and radio shows. At, Greg Montwill will open up his Trading Room to our members, sharing his strategies and research techniques in his upcoming publication, "Power Pivots."


Bob Kunkle

Investments Engineer

Bob Kunkle is a bit of a renaissance man, coming to with a wide berth of experience.

Bob looks at the trading world through a bit of a scientific lens. He has worked at Kennedy Space Center to perfect NASA’s flight hardware processing and launch operations systems, managed the desktop technology & strategy IT developments at Charles Schwab, and e-promoted trade advisories for The Market Guys.

Bob’s extensive knowledge positions him to deliver coaching and content on topics including both equities option spreads.

Richard Panchookian (1)

Richard Panchookian

Certified Financial Planner ®

Richard Panchookian is a highly experienced leader with 25+ years of expertise in sales organizations, broker dealers, and registered investment advisory firms. He specializes in buying and selling securities for institutional investors using proprietary trading techniques. Renowned as the "007 on Bonds," Richard is the go-to expert for fixed instruments like Bonds, Bond Laddering, Mutual Funds, and Currencies. With clients in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania, he holds a current FINRA registration and multiple 8 Series Securities licenses. Notable positions include roles at Charles Schwab & Co Inc, Territory representative for WD-40 Company, and Managing Partner at Global Assets Advisors.

Michael Nauss

Michael Nauss


Michael Nauss has been helping traders and firms find growth and consistency since 2010

His trading journey started in 2006 trading firm money while attending university for finance and math. After that he has been completely hooked in the market working for hedge funds, Prop firms, Technology companies and individual traders.

As a Chartered Market Technician, Michael uses his technical knowledge in combination with years of quantitative and algorithmic trading to combine the best of these two worlds to create a unique trading style using the best of both worlds.