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Advanced Options Strategies

Technical Analysis Mastery

Risk Management Fundamentals

Trading Psychology and Mindset

About is a team of experienced Coaches, Financial Educators and Market Analysts that help you, the individual investor succeed.  At, our coaches are committed to delivering the best education and information available to our valued clients.  With extensive expertise and industry experience, we research and curate the latest market trends, strategies, and insights to ensure our clients receive the highest quality resources to be successful.

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Clients should choose for their technology and training needs for several compelling reasons. Firstly, combines cutting-edge technology platforms with their extensive experience, ensuring clients have access to the latest tools and resources for successful trading. Secondly, their 40 years of industry expertise, honed under the guidance of renowned coaches like AJ Monte, guarantees a deep understanding of market dynamics and effective trading strategies. Additionally, offers comprehensive training programs, empowering clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the trading world. With, clients can trust in a reliable and reputable partner committed to their success through advanced technology and top-notch training.

STU-logoFinal boasts over 40 years of invaluable experience in the trading industry, honing its expertise through the guidance of renowned coaches like AJ Monte and other seasoned professionals. This extensive experience has equipped with a profound understanding of market dynamics, risk management, and effective trading strategies, ensuring their clients receive reliable and knowledgeable support. University offers Real Education for the Real World!

As one of the industry’s leading financial education services platform, we at University take Financial Literacy seriously!

Log in now to begin your Financial Educational journey; Our library contains interactive courses that will keep you interested in the topics that you want to learn about.  Start with the financial basics by enrolling in the University 101 course level, for the more advanced jump straight into our higher-level education beginning with our STU 102 course curriculum.  Not only do our courses make learning fun, you can also track your progress, take quizzes to assess your knowledge, and gain certification.  Take control of your financial future today at University, where Financial Independence is just a click away!

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